B&D Manufacturing
Since 1967

Our Services

We have the capability to take your idea from concept to finished molded product. Prototype or multi-cavity tooling. Whether it’s a small one-piece idea or a several mold package we would like to have the opportunity to quote your needs. Our skilled craftsmen are committed to quality and professionalism.

  • Unigraphics, current level, CAD-CAM. We do 3d solid modeling of complete mold base and all components. Provide 2-d prints if required.
  • Build your molds in-house with all current technologies precisely at a fair price.
  • Ensure your parts are within your designated specs through our inspection processes or if necessary, through a certified local inspection source.
  • Mold your parts, again to your approval and on-time delivery.
  • We currently have molding presses here from 55ton to 165 tons.
  • We do work with other molders in the area that have presses to 500 tons.
  • We have built die-cast molds, dies, jigs fixtures, etc. our main focus is injection molds for high precision prototype or production tooling as in automotive electronics, medical, etc. We also build compression-transfer molds. We build molds with slides, two-shot molds, stripper plate molds, unscrewing molds, insert molds, hot manifolds, etc.
  • Experience with getting mold textures and different platings applied.
  • Experience with lots of different engineering grade plastics.


Unigraphics Solid Modeling CAD&CAM, Current Release/3D Prototype Printer

Vision Measuring System for Quality Control

1224 Okamoto

Big Old Blanchard - comes in real handy

Manual Bridgeports (3 available)

Radial Arm Drill

Floor Model Drill Presses (2 available)

Two-Heat Treat Ovens-Digital

CNC Equipment

Makino S56-High Speed, Hard Milling Machining Center

Haas VM3

CNC Mills (2 available)

CNC Wire EDM Machines-Charmilles (2 available)

CNC Sinker and EDM w/Tool Changer Charmilles

Hole Popper-Charmilles HD8 & CNC Charmilles

Kalamazoo Cut Off Saw

MISC. Small Equipment and Support Tools

Molding: 55 Ton, 2 presses at 165 Ton, 120 Ton